Event - Reception's Wedding Roleplay

22 November 2011

As part of our RE topic for celebrations, Reception took part in a roleplay wedding, with the help of Father Gabby and their Year 5 buddies.

The children were all given roles to play, from the Bride and Groom, to the photographers, bridesmaids, best man, parents of the happy couples and the guests.

We were very impressed to see the children so well dressed for the occasion. Thank you for your support with this special day!

At the ceremony, with the photographers catching the moment.
Bride and groom 1 exchanging vows and rings with Fr Gabby.

Bride and groom 2 exchanging vows and rings with Fr Gabby.
Throwing confetti over the newlyweds.

Happy couple 1 after the ceremony.
Happy couple 2 after the ceremony.

Couple 1 cutting the cake.
Couple 2 cutting the cake.