Event - School Council's Trip to See the Queen

19 November 2015

On Thursday 19th November School Council went on a trip to see the Queen open the new tram line from Snow Hill Station to Grand Central.

We got on the train into Birmingham. We walked from New Street Station to Bull Street. We spoke to a policeman who told us how to get into the front row. When we were through all of the security we collected some special pink tickets and flags from another set of police. We had some tram flags and some Union Jack flags.

We waited for about an hour in the rain before the Queen’s limousine pulled up. It was really exciting and we all cheered when she got out of the car. We were only 4 metres away from her! She looked really nice in her beautiful pink outfit, even her umbrella was clear with a pink rim at the bottom! She then walked up to the front and started waving to everybody in the crowd. She even read our school banner!

When it was about 11.50am the Queen walked through the tram, the tram was called Angus Adams. When she got off the tram, a little girl from reception presented the Queen with a bouquet and did a curtsy.

We all had a great time, an experience we’ll never forget! Thanks to all the teachers that took us.

by Joe, Y3MM (School Council)