Event - PTA Discos and Quiz Night

May/June 2010

Over three consecutive Fridays in May, members of the PTA hosted the very popular PTA discos. Reception and Years 1 and 2 join together for a disco. Years 3 and 4 join together for a disco and Years 5 and 6 have a special disco all of their own.

Everyone has a great time at the discos, Nog is our fantastic resident DJ whilst parents and staff are very busy selling refreshments and temporary tattoos. (Although never too busy to enjoy a quick dance!) All money raised by the discos goes straight back into school. Money raised from these disco's is going towards something very exciting arriving in September! Watch this space...

On Friday 25th June 2010 the PTA invited Mr and Mrs Tierney to host one of their very popular Quiz nights in the Abbey Hall. The night was a great success with everyone having lots of fun.

Mr Thornton, our site manager, believes luck was against him and their was some sort of 'fiddle' taking place. (His team lost!) Mrs Reidy, our Senior Dinner Supervisor, believes the whole night was planned perfectly and could not be improved. (Her team won!)

We are looking forward to another Quiz night in November 2010. Why not come along and join us?

Key Stage 1 had a fab time at their PTA Disco.
Hands up if you're enjoying the Year 3/4 Disco.

Everyone had a great time at the Year 5/6 PTA Disco.
The temporary tattoos were great fun.

Year 5 and 6 danced the night away.
The PTA Quiz Night was a roaring success.