Event - International Talk Like a Pirate Day

19 September 2012

On 19th September 2012 the Abbey Catholic Primary School was over run by pirates! Do not be alarmed, we were celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Everyone in school dressed as a pirate and enjoyed pirate themed lessons and adventures.

We are really pleased that our pirate fun has spread to Osborne School, who for the second year running shared pirate activities as both schools hosted pirate fun, welcomed peers and visited each other.

Our pirate fun helped us to remember our dinner lady, Sarah, who passed away in the Summer term. Sarah always enjoyed dressing up and having fun with the children. Children donated £1 to dress as a pirate and all monies raised were donated to Cancer Research in memory of Sarah Daviu.

Getting the outside of school ready for Pirate Day.
Year 6 pirates on their way to join Osborne Primary for Pirate fun.

Year 5 pirates from Abbey and Osborne Primary enjoy pirate Maths challenges.
Year 4 design their own pirate vessels.

A fierce bunch of pirates!
Pirates are very technically minded these days!

Year 1 pirates count their booty!
Reception pirate designing his own hat!

Reception carry out their own pirate research.
Every pirate school needs a pirate office team.

Peckish pirates in the galley.
Pirate lunch at the Captain's table.

Our fabulous galley crew.