Event - Year 6 PLG Isle of Wight

10 to 14 September 2018

A wonderful week was spent in beautiful surroundings as Year 6 faced their fears and encouraged each other in a wonderful display of teamwork. The glorious weather set a marvelous scene as they were challenged to take on activities including climbing the catwalk, canoeing, dragon boating, survival, matrix, tunnel trailing and collaborating on the sensory trail.

A great time was had by all, here are some of their comments:

  • My favourite part of the Isle of Wight was the matrix because the puzzles challenged my brain.
  • My favourite thing about the Isle of Wight was the tunnel trail because it made me realise that things can be hard in life and we have to work for things.
  • The best thing was the cat walk because I was able to conquer my fears of heights!
  • The best part was the sensory trail because it helped me to improve my orientation skills without one of my key senses.
  • I enjoyed the sensory trail because it was fun, muddy, wet and we all had to work together.
  • I loved the matrix as we had to solve hard puzzles and it really got my mind working!
  • I really enjoyed the canoeing because it was so much fun to splash in the sea with my friends.
  • My most enjoyable part of the Isle of Wight were the prayer services as it gave us an opportunity to praise God in a different environment.
  • Dragon boating was brilliant as we had to work as a team to win even though it was windy!