Event - Year 6 PGL at Isle of Wight

12 to 16 September 2016

A wonderful week was spent in beautiful surroundings as Year 6 faced their fears and encouraged each other in a wonderful display of teamwork. The glorious weather set a marvelous scene as they were challenged to take on activities including climbing the catwalk, abseiling, dragon boating, kayaking, giant swing, trapeze and collaborating on the sensory trail.

A great time was had by all, here are some of their comments:

  • "My favourite part of the Isle of Wight was the adventure course because I did things I couldn’t do like the monkey bars." - Kareya
  • "My favourite thing about the Isle of Wight was the giant swing because you felt like you were flying and you also felt like you were going to drop and fall off!" - Isobel
  • "The best thing that happened was when we were on the beach, having a prayer service when the Holy Spirit came down. It sat in the flame like a dove. It was amazing!" - Freya
  • "The best part was the cat walk because I managed to face my fears and get to the top!" – Gerard
  • "My favourite thing about the Isle of Wight was the trapeze because of the feeling of swinging without standing on anything." - Mae
  • "When we arrived we went straight to our cabins to drop off our luggage. From there we met our team leader, Jodie. She was a great help through the trip and I really enjoyed all the fun activities she arranged!" - Maddison
  • "The most enjoyable thing about the Isle of Wight was definitely kayaking because it was amazing to try something new in the sea!" – Vanessa
  • "My most enjoyable part of the Isle of Wight was the giant swing because it helped me face my fear of heights!" - Dan O
  • "I showed courage when at the Isle of Wight. Especially when I did the cat walk and when trying to face my fears during the abseiling." - Mellisa
  • "In the Isle of Wight I learnt to trust my peers which will help me in later life." - Cianan
  • "I learnt that God was with us when the Holy Spirit came down to our fire during our prayer service." - Jennifer
  • "I think the Isle of Wight was the best trip ever! My favourite bit was the kayaking and the giant swing. It was great!" - Katie
  • "I loved kayaking because I learnt how to do it and I really improved by the end." – Isaac
  • "In the sensory trail I learnt to work as a team by telling each other what was coming up." - Lucy