Event - Year 6 PGL, Isle of Wight

14 to 19 September 2015

A wonderful week was spent in beautiful surroundings as Year 6 faced their fears and encouraged each other in a wonderful display of teamwork. Rain did nothing to dampen their spirits as they climbed the catwalk, tunnelled, flew through the air on the trapeze and worked out problems and puzzles.

A blustery day was spent at the beach canoeing and kayaking. A great time was had by all, here are some of their comments:

I really really really enjoyed the sessions and thought they were great chances to make new friends. Oliver

thought that it was a great adventure and really, really fun. My favourite activity was the matrix because you went though five different rooms and had to solve a load of problems in 15 minutes; my favourite room was the laser room because if you touched the wires you heard a beep and lose 1000 points. It was amazing to do every activity and to co-operate with other people! Harry H

I really enjoyed all the activities. The top three were; Aeroball, Trapeze: I persevered and got nearly to the top I had loads of encouragement, and the Sensory trail: We got muddy. The journey took 4 1/2 hours (so long!). Katie

I really enjoyed all the activities. My top two were; Trapeze: I climbed up to the top and got a lot of encouragement from everybody.Sensory trail: we were all blind folded and Mr O' Connor got us all wet. Tamara

I really liked our instructor Jodi. Sensory trail: I really got muddy and dirty but I enjoyed every moment of it. Trapeze: I didn't think I would have got half way but I really loved it. Onaedo

I enjoyed all the activities. My top 3 were... Matrix: I enjoyed solving the problems. Trapeze: I got to the top and conquered one of my fears. Cat Walk: I was determined to get to the top, I did and I enjoyed it. Hannah

I loved PGL it was all fun,fun,fun! Jodi, our instructor , was just so funny and so nice.I had a great time! Clio

I really enjoyed PGL it was so fun. But if I had to choose my favourite activity I would go with the catwalk because it was quite high up and I still got to the top. Lois

I really enjoyed PGL I thought it was a great experience and something I'd do again. My favourite activity was matrix not only because I was good at it but also because it was a fun activity. Tamyas

I loved PGL it was fun activities all my group got to the top of trapeze and catwalk , even though some people were really scared. Rico

I've had a wonderful week. The trapeze was the best activity as I climbed right to the very top. I thought I would not be able to do it but I pushed myself and got there. It was wobbly on the top. Francesca

Jodie was our group leader and she sang lots of songs with us. I liked being in my group with my friends. Grace

I really like IOW especially trapeze because we all reached the top and it was really weird as well when I reached the top it wobbled but the best was reaching the bar and dangling. Klea

I had a amazing 5 days, it was a awesome retreat and all the activities were great. The staff were really bubbly and kind so basically what I am saying is I really enjoyed it and I would come to PGL anytime. Katie

I loved PGL because we did loads of fun and crazy activities I really enjoyed it I like being in a room with my friends I would really recommend going to PGL!It was a great fun and happy experience! Troy

I really liked PGL and I really enjoyed the Matrix because we had to do puzzles and go under and over lasers it was really cool I would go there again it was awesome! Morgan