Event - New Reception Intake Visit

14 and 15 July 2011

Pupils who are joining us in September in Foundation Stage attended a stay and play session with their new teachers. While they were gone parents got a chance to meet each other.

After the session parents and children shared a dinner together where they got to sample the menu, see the routines and meet some staff and pupils.

Pupils were also able to meet their new buddies from the new Year 5 group. They got to know them and read them stories.

When they start school in September they will meet up with them once again, when Year 5s will take them to lunch and look out for them in the playground as they settle in to school life.

Parents meet.
Getting to know each other.

Buddy story time.
Sharing stories with each other.

Enjoying the trim trail.
Fun on the tyre park.

Meeting the chickens.