Event - Maths Week

1 to 4 March 2011

Tuesday 1st March was World Maths Day. To begin our Maths week, we had a special assembly from some visitors who spoke to the whole school about how important Maths is in the Real World - how maths helps people every day to carry out their work.

During the week, Key Stage 2 had special visits from Mo who is in the Royal Air Force. All classes had to do some special activities.

"Year 6 classes were split into five groups and all did activities. The first activities was to make an equilateral triangle out of the rope, but there was one catch to it once you picked up the rope you could not pu it back on the floor again. Loads of people found it hard in the end we all figured something out. We perservered!

Next we had to make a star with the same instructions. We had to try and do it ourself. Most groups found it hard, my group folded it in half and figured it someway.

Then we had to make a number of triangles out of six sticks. We had to find out different ways of making all them, sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was hard. In the end, the session was really great. We learnt a lot about using Maths in the Real World."

by Grace, Y6C

On Wednesday 2nd March we were lucky enough to be visited by the fabulous Quantum Theatre group, who presented a Maths based mystery that was to be solved by bumbling Detective Bloodhound, ho used maths clues to solve the case. The presentation was fast paced and filled with music and fun.

Our maths assembly.
World Maths Day.

Triangle rope activity.
Quantum Theatre.

Using maths to solve a clue.
The cast and some fans.

Year 2 worked with some Year 5 children to select items from a catalogue up to the value of £50.
Year 2 created our own shape pictures in the style of Kandinsky.

Year 2 measured out drinks to make our own mocktails.
Year 2 used money during our bring and buy sale.

Year 2 weighed out ingredients to make cakes and made our own cube box from a shape net