Event - The Lord Mayor's Visit

14 October 2011

We were delighted to host a special exhibition assembly for Mr NK and Tunes Times Tables. Special guests included the Lord Mayor, her councillors and several heads and deputies from other schools.

Year 4 put on a fabulous performance displaying their knowledge of the six, seven and eight times tables. One of the pupils even led the adults in the seven times tables rap. The whole school was engaged and participating in this fun way of learning.

After the assembly the school councillors took the Lord Mayor on a tour of the school, even stopping by the chicken pen. The Lord Mayor then graciously allowed the pupils to have a chauffeur driven ride in her official car. The school council have also been invited to the Council House in Birmingham. The school councillors represented the Abbey School very well – we are immensely proud of them.

Our special visitors.
Mr NK makes times tables fun.

A pupils leads the adults.
Everyone gets involved.

The Lord Mayor, NK, Ms Tallon and school councillors.
Taking a tour of the school.

Enjoying a tour in the official car.