Event - Year 6 Isle of Wight Residential

20 to 24 May 2013

Thirty five Year 6 pupils attended a five day residential in the Isle of Wight in May 2013. Their observations on the week are below:

The Isle of Wight was awesome and I would love to go again. Thanks to all the teachers who gave us this opportunity to come. Demi Beet

I really enjoyed the Isle Of Wight. I would definitely want to come again, the activities were very funny and enjoyable; especially the sensory trail! Thank you to all the teachers and staff who gave us the chance to visit PGL. Georgia Waters

The Isle of Wight this year was great.The instructors were really friendly and were always up for a laugh. Also, thank you to the teachers who gave us the opportunity to go. Everyone had loads of fun with climbing,muddy and water activites - but it was always nice to relax in our cabins after and then have some delicious food! Maria Whitty

The week at the Isle of Wight was fab and would love to come again, everyone enjoyed the activities especially the giant swing where we had to use teamwork to lift people in the air. A big shout out to all the teachers for giving us the opportunity to come. Shannon Rai

The Isle of Wight was the best trip ever! I really enjoyed the activities and the instructors were always up for a laugh . Thank you to the teachers who gave us the opportunity, Mr Ferris - you the man, Mr O'Connor - grow up, Ms Tallon - you're great, Miss Cope was a great laugh, Miss Turvey - great chats and Mrs Wilde was quiet but funny as well. Thanks to Adam our group leader as well as the teachers. Altogether amazing! Joe Sheppard

The Isle of Wight was great. The thrilling activities were the best.The giant swing was my favourite activity and it was nice to work as a team to get the pair to the top. I also enjoyed the water activities we did .I enjoyed the team work that we had to do here at PGL and I want to say thank you to all the teachers and instructors that took us along a great trip that I will never forget. Danielle Hicks

The Isle of Wight was amazing..The activities were so fun the best by far was the giant swing. I would definitely recommend other children or adults to visit the Isle of Wight. It was really enjoyable all the time, there was never a boring moment! Paige Moran

The Isle of Wight was fantastic! I really enjoyed it, the activities were amazing- my favourite was the giant swing! The teachers and the leaders made every activity the best and we all loved the leaders (Adam). Jessica Howard

It was amazing!The best was the Giant Swing! I have shown more confidence in myself this week and I am really scared of heights so I've done really well. I'm in pain - I fell over 10 times or more and my legs are battered and I made a song about myself; which is really funny... I would tell you... but I can't be bothered to. Rose Johnston

It was great ! The giant swing was really fun and Jacobs ladder (since I made to the top). The PGL leaders were really fun, especially Adam. The beach was so much fun as well. Overall it was a great experience and I wish we didn't have to leave :( Olivia Whitty

Awesome! I loved every minute of the trip. My favourite activity was undoubtedly the Giant Swing because is was exhilarating but scary at the same time I also really enjoyed playing on the beach ( even bagged myself some Isle of Wight blue!) The teachers made the experience even better Ms Tallon, Mrs Wilde, Miss Cope, Mr Ferris, Mr O'Connor and Miss Turvey and the PGL staff made the trip a great laugh. Overall my residential at Isle of Wight was great and I would recommend it to anyone- I wish we got to stay longer! Shona Gillespie

Amazing! I had a lot of fun at Isle of Wight. The best bit of it was when I had to climb up a massive ladder called Jacobs ladder. I got to the top and it was proper scary up there because it was so high. It was so fun especially because of the best PGL teacher Adam and also because of our Abbey teachers, Ms Tallon, Miss Turvey, Miss Cope, Mr Ferris,Mr O'Connor and Mrs Wilde. I wish I could come back to the Isle of Wight, it was so fun! Alex Dias

It was the best week ever! I think the best thing for me was Jacobs ladder because you get to climb on massive logs that move - it's so hard but it is fun. Everyday was brilliant. Kyle Reilly Thompson

The Isle of Wight was so good and I would love to go back and repeat the Jacobs ladder. On Jacobs ladder you get to climb to the top and you can help each other. It was good I world love to come back. Connor McLeod

I had the most amazing experience of my life and would love to go again. My favourite activity was Jacob's ladder. I got to the top eventually and you got to abseil down. Sad I had to leave :( Ben Harrington

The Isle of Wight is the best! We went on to this really big swing, zip wire and many more activities. There was a really nice beach that we had a camp fire, kayaking and canoeing and dragon-boating. We are all sad to leave because we will miss our groupie: Adam (he was the best). Moya Evans

It was an experience that only majestic Buddha pony-ducks would be worthy of! Courtney D'Arcy

The Isle of Wight was really fun and cool - I enjoyed all of the Isle of Wight. I do not regret any of it. David Byrne

The Isle of Wight was so fun the coolest thing was when I was dancing on the beach. I wish I could go again. Shane Mooney

The Isle of Wight was amazing! Everything was great, the best thing of all was Jacobs ladder. I would recommend the Isle of Wight to everyone. Harry Riddell

The Isle of Wight was amazing, I loved the zip wire most. I recommend Little Canada to everyone. All the staff were really nice to us. Lee Goode

The Isle of Wight was an excellent experience, I would recommend it for all ages and PGL has the best activities, also the staff were very nice and joyous! Cornel BB

The Isle of Wight was an extraordinary time I loved all the activities at PGL I would love to go again and all the staff there were fun and nice. Tinashe K

The Isle of Wight is a great place to visit, if you like extraordinary activities, I loved the way everyone was happy and friendly at PGL, if I had another opportunity to visit I would take it with not a shadow of a doubt. Oliwia O

The Isle of Wight was a excellent place to visit. I liked the way the staff were friendly and funny. I would completely recommend PGL to another school because it is so fun. Natalie A

The Isle of Wight was an excellent place to visit.I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family ! The staff were so funny and polite and they took a lot of care of us. I would love to go back again it was epic! Demi M

The Isle of Wight was one of the best experiences that I have had so far. There is plenty to do there and there is always an activity that someone likes. I would recommend this trip to my friends and other schools I wish I could go back again it was amazing! Holly D

I loved the Isle of Wight, it was the best holiday ever! I enjoyed spending the time with my friends and joining in with the activities. It was the best experience of my life and I thank the teachers very much for this opportunity. I would love to come again! Sophie A

The Isle of Wight is a great place to go on holiday I had the best time ever. My favourite activity was the giant swing. If I could, I would come here to PGL again- I would. Thanks to all the teachers that came with us and gave us the best time ever and the people at PGL that helped us in the activities! Sophie C

I hade a great time at the Isle of Wight. The activities were great my favourite was the obstacle course. I had a amazing time on the coach as well. All of the trip was great! Samuel H

It was a great opportunity and scary as well. I would like to go again if I had the chance. The ferry was fun. Who wouldn't want to go? Sam Lane

This was the best opportunity I've ever had. I've been on some amazing activities (zip wire) and also been a great time being with my friends. The PGL instructors encouraged me to do activities I wouldn't usually do. If I had the chance to come again I would. It was Great! Michael Kenny

The legendary Isle Of Wight trip was the best! The scary, awesome and adrenalin pumping activities made my trip epic! The giant swing... best activity ever! I am thankful for that opportunity to go...Thank you Abbey School! Liam Simpson

A once in a lifetime chance to go to the Isle Of Wight. There are loads of exciting activities e.g Zip-wire, Jacobs Ladder. Who wouldn't want to take this chance to go? Thank you Abbey! Dylan Le

Rocking our new Abbey sun hats en route to IOW.
On the ferry from Southampton to IOW.

Fabulous staff who supported IOW trip.
Our first IOW breakfast.

A difference of opinion...
Our 2013 IOW group.

Ready to get in the sea.
Our mad group!

Skimming stones.
Like my new hair do?

Ready for an activity.
Beach fire fun.

Got a bit wet on the sensory trail!
A sure sign we had a great week!