Event - Year 6 Isle of Wight Residential

21 to 25 May 2012

A large group of Year 6 pupils travelled to the Isle of Wight for a week-long trip.

We were so proud of our pupils who represented our school and their families excellently. Everyone had an opportunity to participate in fantastic activities such as canoeing and kayaking on the sea; the terrifying trapeze; the mysterious matrix and many more exciting adventures.

Three pupils have written short reports about their time there:

The Year 6 PGL residential trip was amazing! Everyone had so much fun! It took a lot of packing but was worth it.

The journey on the ferry was really fun, on the way we saw a really old pirate ship which looked really awesome. I wished I was travelling on it.

We had two camp fires on the beach, on the second one we toasted marshmallows and made 'smores' they were delicious. On the last night we all had a crazy cool disco. It was epic!

Everyone was relieved when we got on the coach to go home so that we could go to sleep – we had all had a fantastic time at the Isle of Wight, but when we got back to the Abbey we were pleased to see our families.

Report by Matty

Most of Year 6 recently went on a residential trip to the Isle of Wight. It was great fun – one of the best experiences of my life!

We were allocated cosy chalets to share with four friends, that was part of the fun. We took part in loads of activities from scary ones – like trapeze – to great ones like Canoeing and kayaking (my favourite).

The most relaxing thing about the Isle of Wight was the sunny beach, on our first trip there we were all involved in a huge water fight. It was so much fun – even though we were all soaking wet.

I will never forget the Isle of Wight!

Report by Beth

Year 6 had so much fun when they went to the Isle of Wight. Abseilling and Trapese were the most challenging activites – I really had to push myself!

Some of the other activities were: archery, survival skills, aqua-fun, aeroball, team games and problem solving.

The Isle of Wight was a great experience that I will never forget!

Report by Sarah

Group 1.
Group 2.

Group 3.
A passing pirate ship.

The group meets Sam, the PGL leader.
Safety first.

A few nervous faces before the abseil.

Abseiling was great fun!
A super shelter - fit for purpose.

Get this fire lit.
Problem solving.

Ready to hit the water!
Isn't the boat supposed to be the other way up?

The food was great!
Co-operation games.

Archery tuition.
Can you work out this puzzle from the matrix?

Super circus skills.
Devil skick skills.

Paddling in the sea.
Sunset on the beach around the fire.

Toasting marshmallows- yum!
Our last morning. We had a wonderful week.