Event - International Week

January 2012

The first week back after Christmas was filled with the buzz and excitement of the whole school developing their cultural understanding of the wonderful world they live in.

All classes enjoyed opportunities for food tasting, dancing and listening to music from the country they were learning about.

A lot of exciting and very informative work was carried out by all and of course a lot of fun was had by all!

Year 1 learnt about ancient Egypt and that the Pharaohs were turned into mummies and buried in pyramids.
The children in Year 1 made some Egyptian mummies themselves.

Year 1 learnt that pyramids were large graves built for royalty, made out of large bricks.
The children made pyramids out of clay, and learnt that they have one square face and four triangular faces.

Finished pyramids were put on display.
Year 1 also created a colourful wall display on Ancient Egypt.

Year 1 learnt the story of Joseph and his coat of many colours.
Joseph knew he was special, and he forgave his brothers their wrong-doing. We should all forgive others.

Year 1 learnt about Diwali. They learnt the story of Rama and Sita.
The children also learnt about religious art such as Rangoli and Mendhi patterns.

Year 5 looked at the geography, culture and religious beliefs of Jamaica in different classroom activities.
Year 5 compared school life between Jamaica and England. We found out all about the similarities and differences and created some information posters.

Year 5 cutting up fruit to make into smoothies.
We tried the smoothies and did some food tasting.