Event - International Week

January 2010

In January 2009 the whole school came off timetable for the first week of term for International Week. Each year band had a different country around the world to research, all lessons were linked to this country and the children produced some outstanding work.

At the end of International week, children and staff were asked to evaluate what they had liked and disliked. Responses showed that everyone had thoroughly enjoyed International Week and wanted more.

As a result of feedback from children and staff, in January 2010, International Week ran for a fortnight - we still called it International Week as International Fortnight didn't sound as good!

As a result of feedback from children and families, the International Dinner menus were available for children who usually have sandwiches to order as well. This was very successful and has led to sandwich children being able to order dinners on Fridays if they wish.

We hope that International Week 2011 will be even better.

Our kitchen team provided a variety of International cuisines.
Parents were invited to see some of the work completed during International Week.

Year 1 studied Egypt.
Year 6 did some superb research and report writing on Ireland.

Mrs Bhogal led a workshop on Indian dance.
Year 5 working together to present their own Indian dance.

Mehndi skin decoration was originally for Indian brides. Year 5 enjoyed this form of skin art.
The Egyptians topic inspired some great role play in Year 1.

Ms Tallon dresses as an Indian bride.
The pupils enjoy dressing up, too!