Event - Parents Help Develop Forest Area

4 May 2012

On Friday 4th May, parents and teachers from the Abbey Catholic Primary school cleared a large forested area in preparation for its use as an educational area.

Many parents that themselves attended the Abbey commented on using the area during their playtimes. One parent commented "We were always climbing up the hill during our breaks and had great fun building dens in the area." Another recalled the incline to be a "Great place to play marbles."

Identified as an ideal location to inspire writing, develop our understanding of the world and to investigate wildlife such as mini-beasts, plans are afoot for using this the area to supplement the learning of all children at the Abbey.

A group of parents kindly gave up their time on Friday 4th May to undertake a litter sweep and an extensive clear out of foliage in the area. Already some of our children have benefited from the hard work completing inspired written recounts following their visit to the area.

It is with great pride that the Abbey Catholic Primary school community can call on support from parents to benefit the learning of all in school.

We hope to keep you informed of our progress and share some of the exciting work that we will be undertaking over the coming months.

Volunteers came to help.
Pupils came to supervise the work.

Mr K getting busy digging.
Look how much debris we had to clear out!

How on earth did all of this rubbish end up in the forest area?
Mr McT shifts rubbish.

School Council check out the Forest area after the adults have spent all day clearing it out.
It's going to be a great place for us to use.