Event - Family Week

w/c 4 March 2019

During this week we have been overwhelmed with the attendance we have received, in our family breakfasts and prayer services. This week is placed into our school calendar in order to highlight our mission statement.

In order to support pupils in the faith journey we expect them to learn to follow in the footsteps of Jesus with their families. This week is all about highlighting the need for our children to spend time with their families and encourage them to talk about their faith together.

Pupils and their families were actively involved in the start of our mission week and enthusiastically embraced being part of our school community. We are thrilled that so many family members were able to take part in these mornings; with a clear appreciation and value for the Catholic life of the school. Thank you to everyone who made this such a huge success.

Some of our children said:

"I really enjoyed having time to sit and eat with my parents, sometimes you don't get a chance to because people are at work".

"It was great because you are with your family and friends. Sometimes they are too busy and it was nice to sit and talk to them".