Event - Year 4's Residential at Condover Hall

7 and 8 March 2013

In March 2013 Year 4 visited Condover Hall on a two day residential trip.

The days were action packed as children and staff took part in tunneling , trapeze, zorbing, sensory trail and teamwork activities.

Everyone had a wonderful time and returned home very muddy, happy and tired!

Ready to go in the tunnel.
Working as a team.

Ready to zorb!
Having fun in a zorb.

Zorbing was tiring, fun and hilarious.
Which staff members are zorbing?

Mr Lane enjoyed trapeze.
The food was yummy.

A bit of rain and mud didn't stop us.
Ted really enjoyed Condover.

The Year 4 Condover group.
Trapeze was nerve wracking but fabulous.

Using our senses outside Condover Hall.
Deep down in the tunnel.

All good residentials end up like this.

Year 4 had great fun zorbing during their residential visit to Condover Hall.