Event - Year 5 Meet the Climate Cops

6 September 2013

Year 5 became Climate Cadets for the day, when they were visited by the Npower Climate Cops.

Throughout the workshops they learnt about the importance of renewable energy, saving energy and how we can take steps to lessen the damage being done to our planet.

Pupils collected data at home and school about items that had been left on stand by, or left on when not in use. Pupils then created pledges showing the steps that they were willing to take to demonstrate their awareness of the subject.

The event was a great start to the Climate topic that year five are undertaking, and our thanks go to parent and governor, Mrs Whitty, who nominated us to win this excellent event.

Climate cadets receiving their first mission.
Pupils creating kinetic energy to light bulbs.

Testing reactions - it is important not to leave appliances on stand by.
How much energy is being created on the rowing machines?

Writing climate oaths.
Pupils self assessing their understanding at the end of the workshop.