Event - Circus Day

26 January 2012

On Thursday 26th January the circus came to town - or to the Abbey School hall to be precise.

Russ an amazing Circus performer joined Year 1 for the day. He showcased his many skills and spent time teaching the children all kinds of circus tricks. The children mastered juggling, balancing feathers, stilt walking and they particularly enjoyed the monkey bikes.

To round off a lovely day we put on a short performance for the parents and Year 5 children!

A real speed king.
Balancing feathers.

Cup and ball tricks.
Low level stilts are a good place to start.

Mrs P didn't stay on the bike for long.
C didn't last long either!

Mastering the plate on a finger routine.
Not quite a crash helmet.

Plate spinning and circus attire.
Proud of our achievements.

Russ the super circus performer.
Showing off our skills to parents.

Syncronised plate spinning tricks.
Taking time to master skills.

Who's juggling here?
Working together.

Year 1 loved the monkey bikes.