Event - Brass Concert

14 December 2016

The hall was full of proud families during this musical extravaganza - a 180 strong Brass Orchestra. To begin, Year Four proudly performed their first tunes, with a special mention for the CeeCee song, renamed to honour one of our pupils; another one of the tunes was called Good, Better, Best - and they truly were!

The confidence displayed by all of the children as they read musical notation and played in harmony was incredible. The range of instruments included: cornets, trumpets and french horns. It was clear to see the progression throughout the Year Five performances, as they even included some solo star turns! Finally, Year Six shared their talents, with one of their pieces having been composed by three of the pupils in the year group.

A thoroughly enjoyable concert, with a range of tunes featuring Abba, Bob Marley and a few Christmas Classics. Perhaps the most spectacular impromptu performance was when the whole hall joined in with the Mince Pie song to play us out - excellent!