Event - Children v Staff Annual Rounders Match

June 2010

Mrs Dennehy organised a children v staff rounders competition. This event was enjoying its second year and staff were eager to play again after an outstanding victory in 2009 (Yes, this report IS being written by a member of staff).

The children's team was made up of pupils from Reception to Year 6 who all worked incredibly well as a team. Mrs Ruffinato kept a close eye on the scores and despite many, many attempts from staff members could not be bribed.

Everyone had a wonderful afternoon. We strongly believe that it's the taking part that counts and who won or lost on the day does not really matter....

Yes, you guessed it. The children's team were the best team by far and romped home to victory. Staff are eagerly awaiting the next match in 2011!

Children 1 - Teachers 0.
Great batting skills.

Lots of supporters cheer both teams.
Mrs Foley - star bowler.

The children's team worked well together.
What a catch!

Can you guess which team won?