Event - Year 5's Alton Castle Residential

30 April to 2 May 2014

Year 5 were extremely excited to embark on their retreat, as part or their sacramental preparation.

The range of activities being undertaken during the three day visit were: bike riding, trekking, indoor climbing, survival, archery and the adventure course. Throughout each activity there was a theme of discipleship; pupils shared meditations, open prayer and Holy Mass. The reverence and understanding that they displayed during moments of reflection was amazing.

Just a few of the opinions of the pupils:

  • "Alton Castle was the best trip ever. I would love to go back." - Tom
  • "While we were doing our activities we also found out about our surroundings and the way of the Disciples." - Niall
  • "Alton Castle was really fun, it helped me to grow in my faith and I would love to go again!" - Holly
  • "We learnt more about our faith through lots of different activities - it was great!" - Sophie
  • "It was epic - I loved the Rock Climbing and the Disco Bridge. I would give the open prayers before bedtime a 10/10." - Tyler
  • "I learnt new things about Discipleship - I would love to go again." - Rachel