Event - Alton Castle Retreat

17 to 19 April 2013

On the 17th of April to the 19th, Year 5 Confirmandi had an amazing retreat to Alton Castle (Staffordshire.) We had a brilliant time!

As the Confirmandi, it was a great religious retreat, and a way to prepare ourselves to get closer to God.

There were lots of amazing activities, and each group had a fair share. With trekking, rock climbing and Mass, to archery, biking and a talent show - we were never bored! The groups were terrific too - Pugin, Croxden, Talbot and Deverden, so, we all had fun!

Happily the friendly team cooked delicious meals and we all helped tidy up. I would recommend this trip to anyone, as it was an enjoyable experience. It also got me closer to God.

Report by Briana

Boys busting some moves on the disco bridge.
Our home for three days.

Cooperation and teamwork.
A very long child!

We love to see this sign!
Toasting marshmallows.

Making fire.
Survival skills.

Talbot contract.
Croxden contract.

Deverdun contract.
Pugin contract.

Sharing breakfast together was great!
Getting wellies off is tricky!

A thumbs up for Alton Castle.
Nightline is tricky.

Ready for night line.
We take responsibility for clearing up.

Really enjoying our food.
Enjoying a game if football on the castle lawn.

Hanging around at Alton Castle.
The disco bridge tradition is adhered to by all!

Ted at Alton Castle.
Using the labyrinth to support prayer.

Exploring the castle grounds.
Girls on the disco bridge.

In the Norman castle ruins.
Putting our faith in each other.

Mr O'C really trusts this pupil!
Travelling Ted came along, too.

Archery fun.
Traversing the Climbing Wall.

Harlem Shake.
Sing it in the valleys.