Event - Year 5 Retreat to Alton Castle

21 to 23 April 2010

In preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, our Confirmandi and friends of other faiths attended a three day retreat in Alton Castle. This was a chance for children and staff to remove themselves from the hectic schedules of everyday life and take time to reflect and pray.

Everybody arrived nice and early with suitcases packed on Wednesday 21st April. The teachers joked that some people looked liked they'd packed for a fortnight!

There was great excitement as the Year 5 children, teachers and helpers boarded the coach. For many children, this was their first time away from home without their parents. (We were delighted to see that parents were very brave and didn't cry as the coach pulled off.)

The residential had time for rigorous outwards bounds activities and quite reflection and prayer. Everybody felt the Holy Spirit working amongst them and all children shared how moved they had felt by 'open prayer' and living and sharing together as part of a faith community.

Everybody arrived back safely on Friday 23rd April; a bit dirtier, quite tired but thoroughly happy!

Thank you to all the adults: Mrs Ruffinato, Mrs Foley, Miss McTiernan, Mrs Boshell, Mr McTernan, Mr Harris, Miss Sambrrook and Nog, who made the whole trip possible.

Supporting each other on the climbing wall.
Enjoying the beautiful surroundings as we head off on our trek.

It doesn't get much better than this!
Our feet got quite wet!

We had faith in each other and put our trust in others.
The happy team!