Event - The Great 'Abbey Adventure'

25 June 2017

On Sunday the Abbey families and staff met in Sutton Park to take part in the very first 'Abbey Adventure'.

The adventure started with a PASTA prayer where families shared a special moment of prayer. Together they; Praised, Asked, said Sorry and Thanked God. Then Mrs Kennedy gave everyone a few tips on how to take a good photo and she informed everyone of the photograph competition.

All activities were linked to Science so children began by going on a rainbow hunt! They had to create a rainbow out of items they could see on their walk through the park. Children found things that were living, non- living and had never lived. They also identified different trees from their leaves and named the plants that they spotted.

Then it was time to investigate what food ducks like to eat out of; frozen peas, sweet corn, lettuce and rice. Two ducklings were very hungry and munched everything that was given to them. The children concluded that sweet corn and lettuce were the food favourites.

After a very busy walk it was then time for lunch and an ice lolly - tasty!

What a delightful day it was.