Event - 100 Years Edwardian Day

22 July 2010

To continue our 100 years celebrations, the whole school enjoyed an Edwardian theme day on the last day of Summer term.

Children and staff had a tremendous time dressed in Edwardian outfits imagining what it might have been like at the Abbey School 100 years ago.

From examining the School Log Book we know one thing that was very different; 100 years ago our school had 40 pupils, today we have over 400! Have a look at our photographs - do you think we look like real Edwardians?

We had great fun in our Edwardian costumes.
We enjoyed seeing each other's outfits.

We think we look like real Edwardian children.
We're not sure we would have liked school 100 years ago.

Our teachers thought this sign was very funny.
It would have been normal for children to carry out dangerous jobs 100 years ago.

Dressing up for Edwardian Day was fun.
It was tricky trying to look so miserable!

Mr Henderson came to talk about the Penny Farthing.
Getting on and off the Penny Farthing was not as difficult as it looks!